Monday, April 27, 2009

KN's Michael Jordan up shit creek


The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) wishes to express surprise and concern about an article that appeared in the Kaieteur News of Saturday 25th April 2009 entitled "Maria van Beek Quits," which falsely reports that the Commissioner of Insurance and Judicial Manager of Clico (Guyana) Mrs. Maria van Beek, is stepping down from her position as Commissioner of Insurance and Judicial Manager of Clico (Guyana) due to concerns for her safety.

The OCI would like to inform the public that the Mrs. van Beek never indicated to the reporter or for that matter anyone that she has plans to resign and affirms that there is no truth whatsoever to this claim as purported in the newspaper article. Mrs. van Beek is at this time on leave for medical reasons. She nevertheless remains the Commissioner of Insurance and Judicial Manager of Clico (Guyana).

The statement, "Close associates of the 36-year-old van Beek revealed last night that she has decided to resign out of concern for her safety, despite the presence of armed security at her home", is considered by the OCI to be false, misleading and irresponsible reporting that fails to meet the high media standards expected of a national daily newspaper.

In the circumstances, the OCI expects that the newspaper involved would wish to publish a correction that is accurate fair and balanced in as prominent a place, as the previous misleading statement.


  1. These people are criminals, and should be treated as criminals, send the reporter to jail for three months and fine the newspaper $10,000.00 US, afterall, that is scandalous what they wrote about Miss Van Beek. You would think that they would want to give Miss Van Beek some breathing space as she heals from the physical and psychological scars from the recent traumatic experience, but no, they must write lies. Look send the writer to jail and slap the newspaper with a monetary fine.

  2. who is going to do that anon? you? me? the courts? oh please, this is guyana we are speaking about!!!

  3. i sure KN staff looking at these two posts now an bussing a big laugh

  4. Mr Burke Guyana need nothing less than the governmet to resign for the good of the country and its people.I urge CGID to keep the pressure up, we deserve a better Guyana, what shame and sadness this Government brought on us.They made Burham looked like a school boy.