Sunday, April 09, 2006

Hurry with the Elections

President Bharrat Jagdeo seems to be in his prime. He walks like a man filled with confidence. He was very confident and cocky when he delivered on his promise to the residents of Dem Anstel by renovating the community center ground and delivering several other nick knacks.

From what we heard it was not until the end of the President’s address that he revealed something big, something huge and something bigger than the Gajraj fiasco.

From what we were told by a reliable source, the President has indicated that he wants to have children but he was waiting until the end of election to do so.

“Never mind what you hear, I want my children to live here.”

At this time the president realizes he has no children.

“I don’t have any children as yet, I am thinking about sometime after elections, maybe that’s an indication, sometime after elections.”

Guyana 360: we are asking probing questions of the President’s latest statements. Who will get to carry the first son or daughter? Let us register our hearth felt congratulations to the two, let’s see what develops. We don’t see Presi with Varshnie. We have to find out, so look out for that. Will he walk the talk?