Friday, April 28, 2006

New Magazine, same ole media personnel

We were emailed this article...Check it out, never mind the grammitical errors, its Guyana media at its best. Mondale Smith who penned this letter seems to have left Po' Mitta Sharma. When will the S.S.S Mondale Smith dock and in what waters remains to be seen, for now he's just sailing around the media....Here is the article.

Hey folks has anyone heard of or seen the new 24 page,"extra" GT good news magazine?It is a great cookup of entertainment, tourism,culture and arts plus a dash of personality and it is focussed on anything but politics andnegativity...

After all Guyana has two sides theinfamous side that is proving stressfull and the sidethat causes one to relax...naturally.the goal of of this news papers is to publicize themore positive elements in our society.

infact if you are looking for coverage of the manyunfortunate events that plague everydaylife, you willnot have to look elsewhere. According to the ownerMark Chand" you will agree that there is more thanenough coverage of bad news available,so its hightimethat the good news is disseminated more frequently."

The ful-color publication includes features whats hoton the local club scene, music, sites of interests in Guyana and the region, movies, soap operas,technology, fitness, beauty tips, health , fashion,recipes, etal and of course the weekly extra babe.

As a member of the extra team I encourage all tosupport this venture in the intrest of promotingpositivism while you do your hard news bit in yourpublications. So if you have something to say pleaselet us know, we are intrested in promotingeverything that is positive and will happily providespace for your thoughts on how to make Guyana abetter place for us all.
was Actually the first issue of this weekly publicationdistributed free in Georgetown, Bartica, Lindenand Berbice over the last week.While the second issuewould be available as of Saturday. Issueyou'll be able to aside from seeing next week's babe,read about Rupee as he goes one on one with extratalking about personal issues in cluding sex. Inaddition you'll read about Guyanese athlete (theBishops girl) Mera Belisle- Johnson who used anathletics scholarship to achieve her full potential.She's now one ofr the major decision maker inIllinois, USA and is working towards makingscholarships available to other local athlete's.

Inaddition we take you along for the Arrowpoint resortexperience as well as chatting up Guyana's number 1female golfer plus more....

Yours Mondale Smith
Marketing officer/Editor