Friday, April 14, 2006

The space between

Mitta Sharma and the team down at CNS Ch. 6, Tony Rebellious Vieira and Never Could be Neutral (NCN) must be highly praised for bringing the news to the nation when many other media houses lazily refused to work.

What a preposterous situation, very dreadful indeed for the other media houses to think that news never happens on Good Friday…The space between Thursday and Saturday, yes Good Friday…No printing press was switched on today so there will be no newspaper Saturday. It’s like if the publishers of three daily papers came together and hatched a plan to starve the news craved Guyanese society.

Journalists are supposed to be like doctors, fire fighters and police giving of their service everyday regardless of the situation.

By the way speaking of spaces between, Leyroy Adolphus took the anchor chair today over at News Today, the GMC might have a mouthful to say about that.

We are just concerned that he is still on the job without disciplinary action taken after goofing about the U.S visa revocation of Kaieteur News Publisher Glenn Lall. Next time Mr. Adufus do your home work and research what you report. We wonder with all respect for you sir, what is in the space between your ears.