Thursday, April 06, 2006

Shooting em' and killing em'

There are rumors that Journalists in Guyana are looking to acquire guns. If this happens and I were Albert Bentick I would run because according to Stabroek News, Bentick is dead. We are hosting a memorial competition in honor of him. The last time we check this guy was alive. Stabroek News reporter, Edison Jefford should issue an apology.

This is what he wrote.

“Ravens proved that they are one of the better basketball teams in the country when they outscored Scorpions 82-65 in the feature game of the Albert Bentick Memorial Open League basketball tournament at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall on Sunday night.”

Guyana 360: We would run so far and fast if we were Bentick because reporters moving with guns and to save an apology to you sir, they’ll take you out.