Sunday, April 23, 2006

Why Sawh?

Minister of Agriculture, who was also the Minister of Fisheries, Other Crops and Livestock, was one of the most charming persons in one of the world’s dirtiest games, politics. He was like the rose between the thorns. Could he have been the rose that wanted to turn this country around, well we thing so. But like many other roses before him, he was overcome by the thorns.

We met this Minister in New York during a trade show, and all he spoke about for an hour were the economical benefits of investing in Guyana. We fell for it and now we are here. Should we bow out because he is no longer there for us to call on for advice? Only time will tell. This should be a time for political reconciliation.

It was a sad affair this evening at his house, his wife, Sattie could hardly contain her self and why must she, did she ask for her husband to be taken away? NO she didn’t. What will happen next no one knows, but the FBI and the Canadians have been asked to intervene. The FBI has a poor track record in this part of the South American Continent. Jolt your memories back to the Pegasus murder…the two missionaries that were murdered on the border and the missing AK-47s. Further we say not

On behalf of Guyana 360, our contributors, family and close friends we would like to convey our hearth felt condolences to the family of the fallen and also the Government and the people of Guyana.