Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What Lighting

A mother clutches her six-month-old baby, while her two – year-old daughter hangs on to her skirt tail for dear life. The woman stumbles along a brick road so dark that the only guide is the pile of dirt left at the road side from a road crew.

The fact is that one of us bumped into this woman and her children in Sophia, a place where the Prime Minister had earlier flicked a switch that will supply electricity to the area. Total hypocrisy, not only that we later saw MR. MBA standing at an ole’ rusty box which was suppose to supply electricity to a Berbice location. Bull, for weeks the media has allowed the government to peddle propaganda in the press about its electrification programme. We have read that the Prime Minister has turned on lights in Sophia. and Mr. MBA has flicked the switch in another area signalling that the area now has light. All of it is propoganda that needs to be exposed.Hog wash that we tell you, total hiporiciy. Get out media folks.