Friday, April 21, 2006

Sinister plot uncovered

Sinister plot uncovered

After weeks of diligent investigations we have uncovered a sinister plot to expose the folks over at the livinguyana and ultimately the Guyana Media Critic. Our trail took us high and low, through rain and sun, but we did find the source. The problem is very complex. In fact the plot was hatched at a popular city media house by a few foreign- minded folks. Now the attack has been launched with precision… pin-point accuracy from foreign allies.

They have been very hurt by what the GMC does, but which media house would sit calmly and have the GMC run a mock.

After all the GMC who ever he is, man or animal should be commended for a job well done. Not only does he pounce on the slippages by Guy media but GMC offers suggestions.

We just humbly feel that Guymedia is just a bunch of ignorant people running around from does make salient points on how journalists can improver on their awful performance that they portray day in and day out. The majority of these Journoquacks are just in the profession to make money and get out…look at all the shifts at media houses. Thanks to the GMC we now know where some of our friends have gone.

Thread softly Mr. GMC, Guymedia folks are fuming and they are coming to get YOU.