Thursday, April 13, 2006

Chanderpaul did the Right Thing

Shivnarine Chanderpaul is now a hero for West Indies Cricket. He is the man that stood between West Indies poor performances and the team's return to glory days.

Well we wait to see if he will be thrown out the team entirely because his batting has slumped so low that any school child will be anxious to bowl to him.

Joke aside, Chanderpaul needed to resign a long time, he was given the position by default and never earned it. His resignation has not left cricket fans with dropped jaws, oh no. We feel sorry for him, we pitty him.

We hope that he also resigns as Guyana Captain too, disregarding his friendship with GCC President, Chetram Singh and give Sarwan a shot at the captaincy.

As we heard it, someone whispered to Chanderpaul the sad news that the WICB was about to replace him, so he did the right thing. We wonder who will get the nodge as Captain of the ailing West Indies side.

We hope to talk to Imran Khan on this latest development. Khan is the WI press officer, a true son of the soil who endures painful images of a well beaten side, match after match as he is forced to stay and chronicle every distasteful minute. That guy needs to be on suicide watch. Watching WI loose match after match can get to you.