Wednesday, April 12, 2006

PNC/R Takes Round 1

The Main Opposition Party, The PNC/R has won the first round of the elections debate by ensuring that the Guyana Elections Commission pospone the elections. Will they get their way when parliament is dissolved?

We all know that the PNC/R will get a licking at the polls, any school pickney could tell you that. Their role is to ensure that elections are not held, while the Government really want to get the elections done with.

Guayana's political future could only be read from a crystal ball. We know for sure that Bharrat and his boys must be fuming and we rather suspect that the international community is trying to calm him down.

A rather strange thing though, Dr. Steve Surujbally has not come out to say a word. He is displaying animal like traits. Like someone said they saw him running away from the Office of the President with his tail stuck between his legs. And another said he has been as quite like a church mouse.

Guyanese should demand his resignation. He has been lying to them all along.

Just perhaps he has been missing his shots...Is there a vet in the house?