Thursday, April 06, 2006

Cheaters Never Win...Trust Us # 2

We now bring you the second post of Cheaters Never Win...Trust Us # 2 in response to the overwhelming feedback to the first installment.

Why do women Cheat?

7 She feels that either she or her emotional needs are not given any importance or time. She feels neglected and does not get to see that affectionate side from time to time.

6. She feels that the one she'd like to spend time with spends more of it at work with the secretary or then colleague than with her.

5. She feels unfulfilled because her partner does not live up to her expectations.

4. She's not appreciated for the things she does whether in the kitchen or then the bedroom.

3. She feels lonely and neglected when it comes to sharing her interests.

2. She's been let down by her partner whenever she needs him the most.

1. She finds out that her partner is cheating on her.