Wednesday, March 29, 2006

No sound for ICT meeting

The Information, Communication and Technology workshop was a big thing, which was held at the new Guyana International Conference Centre (GCCI), Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown on Tuesday. We, being technology freaks went to the meeting. It was share confusion; The Chinese built, fancy looking interior building could not accommodate everyone.
Hear laugh. The Chinese people who designed the building, built it backward anticipating that a road would have been built at the back from Georgetown. Poor chaps, people say how they were upset that the road had not been built so they left early.

And guess what?

They did not teach anyone to operate the sound system in the building. So the first ever meeting in the building was confusion.

Imagine dignitaries, from the various embassies and other country reps sitting for nearly two hours just for the opening ceremony. They eventually used a good ole, ordinary PA system

The President smart, he waited for them to rectify the problem before he took his seat, we heard that he got word from, non other than his information liaison, Mr. MBA.

The Chinese also installed Chinese version windows XP operating software to a main frame computer in the building.

The work shop went good but we wait to see when the measures discussed will be implemented.