Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Buddy's Laundromat

My Buddy once owned a Laundromat on the East Bank of Demerara which was visible across the Demerara River. My Buddy built his establishment with hard earned, cold cash and when it was completed, the building stood tall. It was visible for miles. After all it rose from dust of cane fields and competed with a nearby structure for attention.

The Laundromat represented hope and vision for a nation that was on the verge of hosting World Cup Cricket for the first time. The nation and it’s rulers differed on the purpose of the Laundromat, but the rulers knew that millions of dollars were in play.

The multi-million dollar illuminated the nigh sky and painted a picturesque environment of a poor nation on a move. My Buddy was not ashamed to borrow money from others to complete his dream and had devised a unique way to payback his debts.

I was not sure that my Buddy was smart to enter such a venture, but he defied all the doomsayers and survived the sharp criticisms that pounded even those that were lending my Buddy money to build his dream.

Under pressure from outside sources and the scrutiny of one media house, my Buddy has completed his task. He built at great cost, but now it’s time to sell. He is selling and making a huge windfall. But, who cares? It was all business while it lasted. It’s time to shut down the Laundromat and push on.

It’s time to move on to a next venture and for my Buddy to use his profits to repay those he owed many years ago.

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