Monday, June 09, 2008

Website improvements

Kudos! Finally the waterfall paper boss get vex and decide to step up he game with a new-look website that is on par with Stabroek News'.

Of course we all know that the waterfall paper boss must have felt threatened by the new daily, Guyana Times. There is no way the established dailies can compete with the print quality of the new publication, but there is a thirst for regular internet updates and the race to get their first has started due mainly to competition.

Kaieteur News and Stabroek News have taken the first step to quench a population that thrives on news - a Guyanese population that spreads beyond the open borders.

The waterfall paper website has undergone about three facelifts in the past few months after Stabroek News re-launched it's site, but this current waterfall product is acceptable. That's just our thoughts, tell us what you thing.


  1. Finally, the newspapers making sense

  2. I had to check the KN website this morning and they still updating late. Don't know what the hell you guys seeing