Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Who called Corbin to issue the threats?

Only Guyana360 has the dragline bearings to write about the person who was implicated in the police investigations into the death threats to Opposition Leader, Robert Corbin. The truth of the matter remains that the underworld is raging over the continued link made by the PNCR between Khan and other local businesses. And it would appear that one of those businessmen decided to take matters in his own hand. We refer here to the Iguana man. Yes, that little club in Albertown.

The owner of the club was arrested, questioned and then released. According to police sources, the Blue Iguana owner said while the number of his phone showed up as the caller, he was not the person making the phone. He related that someone may have used his phone to issue the threat. So far, no charges have been laid and the investigation continues.


At its last Press Conference the PNCR contended that the Jagdeo regime must have been aware of the existence and the activities of Roger Khan, because he himself admitted that he worked with elements of the police force and was able to purchase a computer which could only be bought by governments.

The Party wishes to take this matter further, especially in view of the revelations, emerging from the United States Government, that Khan headed a gang that might have been responsible for the deaths of over two hundred (200) Guyanese.

It would be appropriate to recall that, the America International Control Strategy Report, in 2005, labeled Roger Khan “a known drug trafficker”. This may or may not have provided the green light for the Disciplined Forces to go after him, primarily in search of the thirty (30) AK 47 rifles which had gone missing from the GDF compound.

The following business, which according to the Guyana Review, of July 2006, owned by Roger Khan, were searched:

*A private villa in the exclusive D’Aguiar’s Park;
*Dreamworks Housing Development in Garnett Street , Kitty;
*Avalanche Night Club, Sherriff Street , Campbellville;
*Blue Iguana Night Club, Light Street , Alberttown;
*La Familia Country Club, High Palm Road , Ruimveldt;
*Reef Night Club, Station Street , Kitty;
*Master’s Touch Carpet Cleaners, Second Street , Bel Air; and
*Kaow Island in the Essequibo River .

The raids on Khan’s businesses were clearly frowned on by the Jagdeo regime and, when he struck back by taping the then Commissioner of Police, Winston Felix, the Jagdeo regime took the opportunity to force Felix out.

The PNCR also believes that it is good to recall that when Khan fled to Suriname and was arrested, the Minister of Justice of the Government of Suriname said that Khan had been under surveillance by the Surinamese authorities for more that two (2) years and this served as the basis for the decision to arrest him for trafficking in narcotics.

The Party is convinced that such information must have been shared with other CARICOM states and the Guyanese government. It is also appropriate to note that when Khan was apprehended, the then Minister of Home Affairs, Gail Teixeira, said that the government had no interest in seeking Khan’s extradition to Guyana .

To all these developments, the PNCR can add the rather interesting situation after the Lusignan massacres when several placards demanding the return of Roger Khan greeted Bharrat Jagdeo when he visited that village. His response, which was widely reported, was that one man could not solve the crime situation, a very revealing remark.

All things considered, the PNCR believes, beyond a shadow of a doubt that for the President of Guyana to ask the United States for information about the activities of Roger Khan, when there is a mountain of evidence to suggest that the President and his cohorts knew of his existence and his activities is mere hypocrisy.

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  1. how the hell are you guys implicating law abiding people. they should kill who ever behind this blog. Just crap!