Saturday, August 12, 2006

Life in the Wild, Wild West

As if the Tuesday night killing were not enough...

About 11:15h. Friday August 11, 2006, a group of approximately fifteen (15) heavily armed men attacked and robbed the Republic Bank and the Demerara Bank at Rosehall, Corentyne, Berbice.

Investigations revealed that the men approached both Banks simultaneously, discharging shots indiscriminately as they did so. They entered the Banks, held the staff and customers at gunpoint and forced the two Managers to open the vaults, which were both emptied of their contents.

A customer at the Republic Bank, Surujdai Virasammi, 39 years, who had just withdrawn money from the Bank was robbed of $10,000.00 and shot in her back in the process. She was admitted a patient at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

The armed men escaped in various directions using motor vehicles which they hijacked outside of the Banks, and taking away the CCTV recorder from the Republic Bank in the process. Two motor vehicles were later recovered in the Rosehall Backdam.

At the time of this release, members of the Joint Services were hotly pursuing a number of men from the armed gang in the Rosehall Backlands.

It is not yet known what losses the Banks suffered.

A number of 7.62 spent shells and two live rounds have been recovered from the scene by the police.

I. Whittaker
Assistant Commissioner
Public Relations & Press Officer