Monday, August 07, 2006

PPP Gimmickries

Riding on the high wave of political gimmick and mockery, the ruling PPP/C launched a vicious and hilarious attack on the new boys, Trotman and Khemraj.

According to information, Donald told supporters in Linden on Saturday that they must not worry with the AFC since its leaders have “cock-eye” and the party has numerous “cock-eye policies for the country.”

Donald de duck waded through the AFC, attacking the collapse of the party’s stage at its Campaign launch more than a week ago.

“It was one of their cock-eye engineers that set up the stage,” Donald de duck quacked.

(We believe that Khemraj does have a funny eye, just our opinion)

The President was equal in dishing out his bag of tricks…He told supporters that the AFC Leaders who profess to be new are not at all new. He said he has been President for six years and he is still younger than them…WOW!!! who cares?

The President and the PPP don’t even careless about a new political culture where campaigns will be focused on clean tactics and outlining policies.

The opposition parties have so far kept boring Speeches at the rallies and slow to find physical faults with Government officials.

Like Sheik Baksh and his scamp beard or Sam wanting to commit suicide after becoming fed up with Government policies he decides to drink Kerosene.
Or the married President who is almost never with Varshnie…