Monday, August 07, 2006

Shameless Human Service Minister

The front page of Stabroek News, Sunday August 6th Edition has raised a very important debate with its front page photo showing vagrants and the homeless sleeping on the pave.

Termed the anti-PPP news outfit by the President and others on his band wagon, the Stabroek News has once again showed that the simple things we fail to recognize as a people are sometimes the most important things.

While a large section of the opposition, including new kids on the block, the AFC shift their focus to the Government’s inability to arrest the drug barons, simple social ills like the increase in pavement dwellers are forgotten.

Any visiting Guyanese or guest could take a walk by the La Penitence Market square or by Bourda Market in the evening. There are hundreds of vagrants there, the majority of which are deportees.

There has been a significant increase in pavement dwellers along Regent Street as well.

World Cup Cricket is just months away and even with the Election season upon us, removing street dwellers seems impossible.

Too many officials in high office sit around all day on their hinnies, least interested in the development of Guyana, El Dorado.

Minister Bibi Saddick (Sad state of affairs to appoint her as Human Services Minister) is one of those inept officials.

Where does she stand on vagrants…She defends them
Where does she stand on sex offenders…She says, give them a chance
Where does she stand on sex abuse…She says, Leave them its consensual
Where does she stand on teen girls forced into pornography…She says, it does not look forced to me.
Where does she stand on Child Labour…Children need to earn

She is clueless and hopeless about human service…Such a position requires someone that is compassionate not one that resembles and acts like a “fish vendor” (not we say so, the Opposition described her like that)We just hope that the imminent cabinet shuffle after the Elections will realize her demise.