Monday, September 04, 2006

Presidential View

The elegance that accompanied the swearing-in ofPresident Bharrat Jagdeo has died its natural deathand its time for the President to step-up to the plateand prove that he is worth more than a pound of salt. While we applaud the PPP/C victory, we at Guyana360 most certainly hope that the trepidation that accompanied these polls would soon die its natural death too.

We must admit and must apologise to our many fans and supporters, but we were caught-up in the franticscamper to find the seemingly elusive peace at elections time. We followed the happenings through the print media,even though the Kaieteur News website is the last to be updated on any given day, despite the publisher’s promise posted on the site to bring the news as it unfolds. Guess nothing much unfolds in Guyana.

Youthful President Jagdeo was most impressive on the campaign trail, often pushing the limits with his sarcastic yet mind boggling statements as he blazed an unmatched campaign trail. Who could forget Ramjattan and the AFC with they cock-eye polices and stage?

He was all alone as no other candidate dared to go the aggressive route. Perhaps, at least in our estimation, President Jagdeo won the hearts of the electorate and judging from the relative calm that has suddenly fallen on Guyana, he may have won the hearths of the Opposition too.

His flamboyance and unmatched élan sets him apart from all other Presidents before him. He has laid thefoundation that could see him becoming the greatestPresident to have served this wonderful country. In his second and last term as President, he should jerk the reins of governance and put Guyana first.

The2006 landslide triumph was not as a result of thePPP/C doing, it was a Bharrat Jagdeo win. That should give him some buoyancy because we certainly believe that had he not been there, the PPP/C would have lost its Parliamentary majority.

He has in the past surrounded himself with some incompetent Government Ministers, that have failed to provide proper management of the country’s affairs and in so doing they have failed to provide effective advice to the President.

We love the Prospects of a major Cabinet reshuffle…more info on that later. But the President has kick-started his 2nd term in apositive way by promising to include the Opposition in his planning for the country. Kudos!!!