Monday, September 04, 2006

Presidential Blunder or...

Newly elected President Bharrat Jagdeo is a one-man army, even though he has an attractive wife in Varshnie.

The two wedded at the biddings of the PPP/C but something is wrong about the union.

On his biggest day, the day that he took the Oath of Office, the Guyanese leader arrived alone, while his wife sat in front row with the invited guests.

At the end of his speech, he thanked a bunch of people, including his sisters-one name Chinee.

But something hit home when we waited in vain to hear him say thank you to his wife...

The President of Guyana operated like he hasn't a wife.

Poor gal...she looked so vexed about it and judging from the squints on her face, a wishful thought may have crossed her mind.

Judging from information, the two are at odds and the President used the occassion to score some points.

Did he had to drag his bedroom business in public?

Where is the media when there is a good story to chew on?