Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tired a de accusations of police brutality

The time has come for Guyanese who have been locked up; who have been abused while in the so-called ‘protective custody of the state’ to step into the clear light of day and name the men and women who hurt them while they were in the so-called ‘protective custody of the state’.

Through the medium of these feeble words is that the time has come for Guyanese to craft a mirror that would tell them the truth concerning who they really are.

The time has surely come for victims and victimizers to come together and reason about their sins and crimes against each other, to ask God’s forgiveness.

I am talking about a process where Guyanese will seek truth, speak truth and do what is right. Once they do so, things will be just all right.

Truth matters.

Reconciliation matters.

Justice matters.

Brothers and sisters –my fellow Guyanese- today I speak to you from this text that is my life.