Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The beacon @ the Demerara Light House...

The so called beacon of truth’s character is revealed through the shady light that beamed from the Demerara Light House.

At first glance you think well, these fellows are sharp and can draw on contacts at will.

Well we are sorry to bust their bag and roll out their hidden secret. (or shed light) Let us warn before they formulate any of their balderdash. Self praise is no commendation.

But let us not say more before we create a higgledy-piggledy situation on the Internet. Just observe the highlighted name that can be found in the following text taken from the Demerara Light House blog (Presently the Demerara Black out. They have not posted since August. We guess running multiple blogs is difficult). It should shed some light as to who is the mastermind behind the blog.


“Over the years, Guyana has produced journalists and other media workers, who have performed with distinction locally and overseas. This accomplishment can continue almost infinitely if the GPA can stop its internal squabble, develop a culture of accountability and honesty and the senior journalists should care more for their young colleagues and objectively disseminate information to all and sundry.

Imran Khan seems to be the most outstanding journalist that this country has produced in recent times. He is bold, honest and is one of the few journalists with a vision. Many of the above-mentioned journalists should listen to Imran Khan because he has the solution to make the GPA what it ought to be!!!”