Sunday, October 01, 2006

International Presidential Disrespect...

Saturday night was International Bar at the Thirst Park Ground but, there was nothing International there for as far as we could see. Guyana has its own cultural identity but it is being trampled upon and bypassed for more vulgar Caribbean and North American customs.

The event hosted by the Rotary Club should have been called Guyana Bar since Guyana being a multi-racial society represents many of the so-called products that were on sale.

The only addition was the Brazilian stall with those Brazilian girls with their sexy Spanish twang. Just hope they are not working a second job as strippers because the police will take them before the court once they are caught.

The night was dull, the performance was static and boring and the host, Mr. Mondale Smith seems to have lost his elegance and jovial style.

Mr. President was in attendance, so too was his close friend (just ask the people over the Demerara River) and Minister of Tourism Manniram Persaud. They were joined by Odinga and several body guards…quite frankly the entire entourage looked worn-out.

The President just stood there as if he was glued to the ground, any move and a sharp shooter would have had him in his grasp.

The fact that a dance group danced to a tune called: “Duty Wine” which incorporated several expletives (too much to repeat here) at earshot distance to numerous children did not even make the President and his team budge.

The Passa Passa dancers trilled the crowd and the host for the night seems to have taken a liking to the Passa Passa craze. Just to let him know the words in Jamaican dialect means to gather and not talk name as he alluded.

Passa Passa must go and the President had a first hand view and hearing of what this Passa Passa craze has done to Guyana.

Enough of it! The President should have felt disrespected when that Dutty wine song was played and should have left the event. It’s a pity that he stayed and supported the event despite the expletives that were belted out over the Thirst Park plains.

Except for a sprinkle of “Chinee” food that tasted like creolese cuisine and a few Coors Beer that could never stand the test with the locally produced Banks Beer, the International Bar could only be described as a money making deceitful show.

I recalled standing for an hour to buy one Banks Beer, having to wait just five minutes to buy a Carib Beer for a close friend and having to wait for a mere minute to buy an American beer.

All of this means something that the organizers must take on board for next year’s International Bar.

Lets have more local products and dub the event, “Guyana Bar” and ban that Jamaican Passa Passa nonsense.