Monday, October 23, 2006

Mail Trail...Speak your Mind

Mail Trail...A mail from a male who visited Guyana twice...

Your article and picture of visitors with the Water Street DemicoHouse in the background reminds me of the TWO visits made by my wife and I.

first with some trepidation in December 2003, since it was our first visitsince we married in Guyana in June 1963 - 40 years earlier, and again inSeptember 2005.

On both occasions we stayed with my sister-in-law in Croal Street, whoput herself and her family out for us, we walked about the city ofGeorgetown perfectly hapoily, despite the warnings about crime that we hadheard; we met a lot of very pleasant and friendly people who made us feelthat we HAD COME HOME and we even went for a boat trip up the Demerara fromLinden to visit my wife's old home.

The photograph (The Photograph was never sent) shows us and our boat behind us just after we had returnedto Linden. Yes there is crime in Guyana but there is far more where we are livingnow in England.

Thank you to all our Guyanaese family and friends for making our visitsso happy and welcoming.

Donald Robinson.

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