Sunday, October 01, 2006

Kerick the Bugger

Is this the same person that Mr. President wants to hire?

Not sure but this is a man called Bernard Kerick, a former NYC city Police Commissioner heading the force during the turbulent 9-11 bombings…Here is what the Foreign press has been saying lately of him, Click the highlighted words below...

Mr. Kerick is at it again


Mr. Kerick is a Bugger, (Please don’t add or subtract any letters to the word) the same man that Mr. President is keen on hiring. So let’s have a Bugger reformer the Guyana Police Force and have a host of Buggers walking the streets. You know, how about a force full of Buggers?
Recently we have been rocked by the tapping of the phone line of Commissioner of Police Winston Felix. The Question is: was Kerick involved? He has admitted to accepting gifts from companies known to be involved in illigal activities.