Monday, October 23, 2006

Fraud Alert...

Peter Fischer
Oct 11

Dear Sir,

Please permit me to introduce myself to you. I am PETER FISCHER, AnAccountant in London, United Kingdom. I got your contact from theBritish Council, and I have decided to contact you so that we cancarry out this mutually beneficial business transaction.

My late Client (A National of your COUNTRY) until his death aboard anAERO FLIGHT 801 in 2001 deposited a total of USD$5.5M with THAMES BANK,UNITED KINGDOM.

He gave me the custody of the deposit documents, and as such entrustedme with the Legal Rights to transfer and execute this deposit to anyNext of Kin after his demise.

I have since tried to locate any Next ofKin without success, hence I decided to contact you so that you canrightfully stand as the next of kin to inherit the deposited sum byvirtue of the fact you share the same SURNAME as my late CLIENT.

I am writing you confidentialy because you will be able to claim thisDEPOSIT because you have the same SURNAME as my Late CLIENT.You will be entitled to 30% of the total sum should you be willing toassist me in this business transaction, 10% will be earmarked fortaxation expense and I will get the remaining 60%.I will prepare a formal agreement to guide us in this transaction foraccountability purpose as soon as I get a response from you.

Yours truly,
Peter Fischer42 Campshill Road, London United Kingdom.Tel: +44 701 112 8957Email:

Guyana360: These F^&#ing, "bleep", people are just trying to get your email and/or computer IP address to send you junk mails. Guyanese be warned, do not fall prey for these get-rich-quick schemes, they are all fraud.
Guyana is hard but get rich schemes on the Internet are never true and you will never win a free car or mobile phone.
And just one way of proving these schemes are fraud. Mr. Peter Fisher says that his now dead client and Guyana 360 share the same surname. Unless his client's surname is 360, then its a BIG OLE' FRAUD.