Saturday, October 28, 2006

U.S evanglist has cure to HIV/AIDS

Does this man hold the key to unlock a cure to HIV/AIDS that kills thousands globally each year?

Guess not...No cure says the Health Ministry.

This U.S. evanglist does look a bit suspicious, but his presence in Guyana created a difference in the minibus culture. Almost every minibus driver along route 45 was blasting gospel music, a much welcome and soothing sound to the ear.

Could this HIV/AIDS curing, suspicious looking, toupee wearing, some say blaspheming, preaching, U.S. evanglist stay a while longer because he will learn that he is right at home with all the corrpution.

Welcome to the land of corruption where many other doctors who claim to have the cure to HIV/AIDS are allowed to practice at free will.

Welcome to the land where a pastor dictates that every member must sow a seed and out of which will spring a car, house and land for the preacher to continue his work for the higher calling.

Welcome to the land where the higher calling means that they are elevated above all other church members and they pass in their fancy cars and toot their horns at you while the soul of your feet slam against the tar pitched roads.

Welcome home Sir. Come for the church stay for the corrupt officials if you were not corrupted before you are bound to get a life changing experience.