Monday, October 09, 2006

Guyanese Killed by Venezuela Army in Guyana waters

Guyana 360: When Venezuelan's could open fire in Guyana waters, then diplomacy must be a last resort.
But, when you face a monster in the likes of Hugo Chavez, diplomacy becomes the best viable option...Do we still support Venezuela for the temporary UN Secuity Council Seat?

Here is the full story as printed in today's KAIETEUR NEWS....

Venezuelan Coast Guard reportedly opened fire in Guyanese waters

Survivors of Friday's shooting incident at Eteringbang are alleging that Venezuelan Coast Guard ranks opened fire on their vessel while they were in Guyana waters.
Police have identified the victim as Paul Singh, a 35-year-old dredge operator, of El Dorado Village, West Coast Berbice.
Singh was shot in the region of the heart and on the left arm when the Venezuelan ranks shot at a Guyanese vessel that was travelling in the Cuyuni River.
According to statements received by local investigators, Singh and two other men had bought 25 drums of diesel fuel in Venezuela for their dredge, which is located in the Cuyuni backdam.
The party was returning to their camp via the Cuyuni River on Friday, when they were allegedly apprehended by ranks from the Venezuela Coast Guard.
One of the ranks remained to guard the crew while the others left.
Kaieteur News understands that after the other ranks had departed, the Guyanese crew decided to escape.
They resumed their journey, and had entered Guyanese waters when the Venezuelan Coast Guards, who had pursued the fleeing crew, opened fire, mortally wounding Singh.
The survivors were apparently allowed to continue on their journey, and they reported the incident to army ranks stationed at Eteringbang.
Police said that Singh's body has been transported out of the interior.
Efforts to reach senior army officials for a comment on the shooting were unsuccessful.