Thursday, January 19, 2006

Antagonising Guyana 360...

The Guyana Media Critic in is usual acclaimed critique style has taken us up on the launch of our blog. We are happy to enter the blogging arena and hope to coexsist in unity with other Blogs for a long, long time.

We at Guyana 360 will never dethrone Guyana Media Critic, rather we are answering a call for more Blogs in Guyana. Guyana Media Critic is the God Father of Blogger in Guyana…Hail to the Chief. Not to blow any horns here but we were encouraged by you.

We’ll love to share our rather novice knowledge about blog design…psst!!! We’ll email you some tips.

In Shakespearian terms…Country men lend me your ears…Guyana 360 encourages fellow country men to enter the Blogging arena ASAP.