Thursday, January 19, 2006

The computer room...

This is a funny story emailed to us...

This was a story of a man who who was a computer whizz. He was accidentally locked in a computer room in 2001 just before a huge protest in a land where general elections had just concluded.

The man loved his little outing in the computer room, where he got his chance to display his computer expertise. He was eventually let out of the room and soon became a movie star, acting in movies such as, "The Santa Clause," and "Flooding Uncovered." He was also a popular guess on the Tony Viera show. His popularity pushed him to great heights and allowed him to feature in the popular "Then & Now" Tv commercial.

Now the computer whizz has been bored in his acting roles and wants to return to the profession that made him popular...Computer Technician...He has searched for 4 years for a similar job roaming around tv stations, banks and other businesses...if only he could find another computer room to lock himself in again...then one day while another country was preparing for general elections he started snooping around his old work site. They eventually took him in but in another department...he is seemingly happy and hopes to lock himself again in a computer room.

emailed from a fan