Sunday, January 22, 2006

Wise Crack

The following was a statement issued by the Government...In the midst of flooding casued by heavy rains, some dumb ass person or persons pull a wise crack...This is Guyana where most people have nothing constructive to do and all day to do it...


Unknown individuals have vandalised and set on fire drainage structures aback Strathavon and Victoria on the East Coast Demerara. This has led to a rise in water in the residential areas of Golden Grove, Noot-en-Zuil, Veereeniing and Supply.

H.E President Bharrat Jagdeo has instructed the Chief of Staff to deploy soldiers to secure these and other structures as well as the Crown Dam aback of the East Coast villages.

Pumps are being re-deployed to these communities and the damages and breaches are being fixed.

It is a criminal offence to tamper or interfere with drainage and other similar structures. The Government is calling on residents to ensure there is no tampering of drainage facilities in their areas and to assist in the flood prevention and control activities.

Guyana 360: Guyana's weak police force will not capture the culprits, even with the present 1 million dollar bounty. The police will aso fail to tell the nation if the act was politically motivated...furthur if by an act of God the culprit turns him self in , President Bharrat Jagdeo should make an exception and send them to the gallows.