Thursday, January 19, 2006

NCN Revealed

The State Owned Media…doing the Government’s bidding.

No excuses should be tendered for NCN Radio’s rude interruption of Yesterday’s BBC Caribbean Report at a point when Dennis Chabrol was reporting on the floods that have descended on Guyana. In fact Dennis should be complemented for his advance coverage by interviewing Rtd. Maj. Gen Joe Singh on the floods. NCN excuse so far is that some operator left the studios and that may have attributed to the stoppage …what a coincidence…only the section on the Guyana floods were affected. Mr. MBA what's happening over at NCN, the international community is listening.

Questions that beckon Answers:

1. Why has NCN acted so casual about the entire situation?
2. Why is there no public explanation from an Editor or the Editor –in - Chief himself? Where is Michael Gordon, the acting Editor-in-Chief, let him use his voice as he has done on so many occasions while at GINA?
3. What disciplinary actions are likely?
Was this state censorship?
4. The BBC should demand an apology
Why wasn’t the report censored before if it would have created some embarrassments for the Govt.


1. The GPA should get off its rear end and stage a public protest.
2. Media Houses should carry stories until drastic actions are taken.
3. The recently signed “Media Code of Conduct” should be thrown away or other wise be put to use by the people who can’t afford Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet tissue.
4. The Advisory Committee on Broadcasting (ACB) needs to wake up.


The only solution is to have the radio monoply broken. We have noticed how the Govt. moved swifly to break GT&T's monolpy on the telephone industry...yippy... good work then, many people were mad at GT&T's service...We at Guyana 360 know that many people are disgusted at the services offered by NCN Radio...When will the Govt. break the radio monoply.

NEWS FLASH…The BBC Caribbean Report is aired throughout the Caribbean, North America and England…Try telling all those operators to walk out the studio while Dennis’s report is being aired… What’s there to hide fellas…this is truly Guyana.

Guyana 360 will keep you posted…