Saturday, March 28, 2009

AFC on JJ's passing

The Executive and members of the Alliance For Change express their sympathy to the children, relatives and colleagues of former President Janet Jagan. Mrs. Jagan will be remembered as the woman who rose to the highest peaks of public life in Guyana through grit and determination. For her political activism she gained a reputation as a strong and fearless leader; never being deterred by her detractors and opponents, and by the controversy which shrouded her life. Though arriving in Guyana as the foreign wife of Dr. Cheddi Jagan, she embraced all things Guyanese and left an indelible mark on this nation.

It is regretful that genuine healing and reconciliation did not come between her and many who she was at odds with up to the time of her passing. With her death another chapter of Guyana’s history has closed without it being properly ended.

The AFC urges all those who have been a part of the political and social construct of Guyana in its formative years especially, since political independence was attained in 1966, to use the occasion of her passing to recommit to healing and reconciliation.
By our actions we must set the example that in Guyana there is no place for intolerance, bigotry and hatred and that a beautiful dawn awaits us if we begin to work together with mutual respect and appreciation for each other as true patriots.

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