Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vishnu vs Freddi round 1

Vishnu's first pebble:

I applaud Kaieteur News for some terrific editorials but also to chide the newspaper for some poor editing especially as they relate to commentaries by Freddie Kissoon.
Over the last two years, I recognise that the quality of Kaieteur News editorials has vastly improved and in fact most have been excellent. Some of them are quite comprehensive and laudable. I enjoyed reading them almost daily.

The points in the editorials are succinct as well as lucid. They educate and inform readers on so many important issues. They are well written and arguments well presented. One can hardly find faults with the positions and views of the paper’s editorials. It speaks volumes about the quality of editors on staff.

However, the outstanding quality of the editorials is not carried forward in the editing department of the paper, especially in editing the columns of Freddie Kissoon, your daily columnist. Freddie often makes claims in his columns that are not supported by facts or common sense and the editor allows these claims and or glib comments to be published.

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