Sunday, March 29, 2009

Question it

Maybe this might not be a good time to raise questions surrounding Mrs. Jagan's death, but we are left with no other alternative.

Could anyone say why was Mrs. Jagan admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital, a facility that has been discarded by senior officials of her party? Is this the care and attention she deserves as a fomer President? Was any effort made to remove her from the GPHC and fly her out of Guyana, maybe nearby Cuba? Did our political leaders determine that she had fulfilled her mandate and that it was her time to die? What exactly was the cause of death because the nation was unaware of any life threatening illness? Was she admitted directly into the Intensive Care Unit or was it to a ward? Why was the PPP/C so slow to react to her hospitalisation and subsequent death?

We are not insenstive to the mourning family, but someone has got to answer these questions...afterall this woman did achieve a number of firsts and one would certainly expect that such a political icon would have been treated better, especially with the party she helped steer to the seat of Government, still in full control.


  1. GY 360, this is how Comrade Janet would have wanted it, she was a practical woman, and I must say a true patroit. I do think the PPP and the GOG would have made every effort to fly Comrade Janet overseas for treatment if she had made such a request, but bear in mind now she was 88 years old, and in poor health.

    I am also quite confident that Nadira and family, plus Comrade Janet's own US family, and the many worldwide admirers of this great woman would have jumped to the occassion to pay for the Medivac ambulance.

  2. I was pondering same...

  3. Joey wanted to air dash Comrade Janet to Ohio USA for treatment after the diagnosis was made by our Guyanese MD's however, a US MD upon hearing the diagnosis, said, that it was no use air dashing Comrade Janet to the US as her passing was at hand. The Chronicle said that today.

  4. and was she given senna pods followed by lomatil while at GPH (Guyana Public Hell)?