Saturday, March 14, 2009

We invite you to a Saturday field trip

Today we have decided to take our readers (who love our no bias, no bull approach) on a field trip. There is this secret spot that hardly anyone visits. The name spells popularity in Guyana context, yet very few people have heard about this well preserved location.

This single place is an untouched reserviour of history flowing from top to bottom. Guyana archives cannot even begin to accomodate the wealth of history and information dating back to the early stages of devlopment.

Grab your lifejackets just in case you decide to really take a dip in the nearby river. Paddles and cannoes will be provided by your gracious hosts. The waves are usually calm, providing healing ripples most days, but brace for unexpected high tides, which are rare.

The place is full of surprises...sounds never heard before, sounds forgotten, streams that run occassionally and this is Guyana so expect to see a few cross-dressers spring at you. They are a rare and endangered specimen, who find shelter at this hidden location. A jungle is out there. No words can describe the madness that exist at this vacation spot. So we will keep your visit to a minimum.

You will also meet a rare King and scrap books with ancient words barely visibly, no doubt eroded with the passage of time.

We assure you that an ancient story teller will pinch your emotions, ride your emagination and tenaiously guide you along a trip back in history when darkness enveloped the land.

We give you a rare peak at your Saturday spot....we present to you (drum roll)

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  1. i am so sorry for the ppp now because there will be no control in the party now