Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Should Liveinguyana be shut down too?

Freddie Kissoon: The PPP and Mr. Jagdeo will never learn. Here is why. An employee of this newspaper, two months ago, showed me that there was an anonymous blog named

What I saw there was shocking. I never went back to that site. I found out with adequate proof who was one of the persons posting on that site. I told him it was wrong to use such vile, sick language to attack real persons who cannot respond to him.

He was unapologetic. Now enter the real sickness. Another employee of this newspaper hauled me from my chair to show me what was on a blog. I told the person I was not interested in seeing It was then indicated that it is another website with a similar name (

It turned out that this blog was (and is) being run by high public officials in the employ of the Government. Yes! Believe it! Top Government people! There is more to come. What is on this blog is something that even Adolf Hitler, even the world’s most tyrannical leaders would not tolerate.

This is a blog that is extremely filthy, incites danger and harm to anti-government critics and the photographs and language are things the civilized world should never tolerate. So the police are going after but what about the other one from the government that has a similar name?

How stupid and how dangerous that a government can descend to that level!
Does Mrs. Jagan know that her government runs one of the filthiest blogs that can be found anywhere in the world? Brace yourself for the unimaginable. This blog posts pornography on the site, taking the face of pornographic actors and pasting it on to opposition figures. Any decent human being would revolt against this pathology. Yet not one PPP leader has called on the Government to desist from this moral sickness.

I will give the names of these people to the US Embassy and ask that they consider revoking their visas. I am calling on the police force to shut down this government site immediately

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  1. this blog shows the other side of the coin(the government's side) and it seeks to clear up any misconception citizens may have.