Saturday, March 28, 2009

What is NCN doing for JJ

JJ was close to Fuzzy and as the CEO of NCN, he has got to marshal his employees better. We are not watching, but reports suggest that so far, only Donald ramotar has said anything on JJ's passing. The woman played an integral part in moulding and establishing the PPP. Is this the thanks she gets?

Or BJ is so happy about JJ's passing that he has instructed NCN to downplay it. After all, he did rebuke her once when she wrote about his style of management.

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  1. NCN had Paul Moore on the air with breaking news about the passing of JJ, but he was not dressed appropriately to do the type of reporting at hand, he was dressed for tea and cakes at the Demerara Club when he should have been wearing a black tie, crisp white shirt and black jacket. Then Sharda Lall did a piece on JJ.