Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Was McSkunt an alter boi

Dear Editor,

Like most balanced and patriotic Guyanese, I have witnessed the PPP Government spiral my country downward in every sphere of endeavour, resulting in the sorry economic and social state we are in today.
The appointment of Kwame McCoy to the Commission for the Rights of Children is a further endorsement of the unnatural nature, absence of enlightenment and absence of loyalty to the development of progressive organisations in the interest of this country.

Kwame McCoy is by his personal nature adverse to the very process that results in the blessings of parenting children. As a father and grandfather, this appointment insults the very values I and other parents have placed on our and the State’s responsibility towards the development of a legal philosophy towards the interest of incurring natural, uplifting values in our sons and daughters.

Kwame McCoy fits into the busing, political propaganda and dirty tricks category he has so far presented himself best suited for in his years on channel 65. That they all endorsed him truly paints a deeper pathetic picture of this administration; this appointment should be rejected publicly by all responsible organisations and natural parents.

Barrington Braithwaite


  1. Speak for yourself Barrington. Your personal economical disaster cannot be reflected on the entire country. I would encourage you to get your fatself and WORK

  2. Oh please Barrington Braithwaite, you don't impress me one bit with you nonsensical diatrite about Kwame, you sound like a child abuser to me. Get a life Barrington Braithwaite.