Saturday, September 26, 2009

Timeka's upcoming project

When we heard about Timeka's newest project with popular danchall act, Busy Signal, we could not help but think when will she get down to writing and producing her own songs. Everyone else is busy, busy trying to write their own music while she is satisfied with joyriding on everyone's track.

Did we mention her slutty out of character roles she has been portraying in those videos? She is Guyanaese, but her aim should be above appearing in a few videos, rolling up in bed and grinding at the bar.

Hits and Jams which manages this young lady must sample the blame here. If you are a singer in the Caribbean, you will not make much money from cd sales. Your cds are promotional items for a stage show invite. Money is really raked in from tours and stage performances.

We ask of anyone reading this to rest you patriotism for a moment and ask what songs would Timeka excite a crowd at Summer Splash (since she is working out of Jamaica). The answer is pretty simple. Below is the teaser for her video with Busy Signal.

1 comment:

  1. She writes her own songs and has been criticized for this, but she is doing better and will continue to go ahead and shine.

    Are you having a hard time differentiating a music video from reality? Her new video with Busy premieres today :)