Wednesday, February 22, 2006

GMC Fighting a Loosing Battle Against Guy Media

It is a shocker to us that the Guyana Media Critic has been suckered into a quite corner whiles the profession he fights to keep on course slips further into shite…Well not to worry we got this one…A shameful thing occurred Tuesday, it was a total slap in the face of Journalism, would you believe that one Smith at Sharma news reported on Digicel entering the market without even showing at least one, at least one cellular phone. Sharma’s Son-in-law owns several popular cell phone stores, the main branch is - guess where? Right next to Smith’s office. We could not believe what we were watching, it was better for them to go black and have Smith run off his mouth like if it were a radio cast. Jagdeo went to linden Monday, yet on Tuesday evening Sharma news had insufficient footage. We taped the story this morning and we had a good friend of ours, who is not as good as GMC explain the footage in sequence.

Amateur Assessment:
1. Footage of talking head of Jagdeo
2. Shaky pan from talking head of Jagdeo to crowd
3. Shaky pan from crowd back to talking head of Jagdeo
4. Repeated 1, 2 & 3 for the remainder of the story.

Guyana 360: Unless we are convinced otherwise, it appeared that Mr. Smith read from the Guyana Chronicle, which is acceptable by Guyana standards. But At least he could have gotten a comment from GT&T on what Jagdeo said about the company or about Digicel as a competitor. We were not prepared to have our so called expert slip away without telling us about the appropriate footage.

Amateur recommendation:

1. GT&T’s offices and communication towers
2. Cel *Star’s offices and communication towers
3. Cell phones galore
4. People using cell phones
5. Add some sound bytes with cell phones ringers

Here’s a story idea, find out what the people think of another cell phone company entering the market. Or at least talk to the big guns at Cel * Star or GT&T schuuuuuups…get out de office Smith.