Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Shelve Carib beer, Ship Dutchin out

Like many competitions globally there is always controversy… well brace yourself, because in Guyana controversy seems to be a way of life… On Sunday into Monday Morning, Ansa McCall hosted the Carib beer Soca competition. An unlikely crowd favourite in Michelle ‘Big Red’ King won by the judges’ scorecard but then 1 day after, a disgruntled Adrian Dutchin last year’s Monarch, who placed second to Red was given the crown after the scores were recounted. Total poppy cock this, we were there sipping our Carib when Dutchin performed his soothing rendition of ‘One’. Big Red’s song, ‘Unity’ was more fitting for the season and we dare anyone to tell us otherwise. The strangest thing happened after Red was announced the winner, Dutchin started talking in what we presumed was Dutch about how Guyanese this and that. We were later told that he was not speaking Dutch but was in fact cussing out Guyanese promising never to sing in Guyana. Our sources say that apparently the people from Ansa McCall (tried but failed to take away Banks DIH, a Guyanese company) liked the way Dutchin Cuss out Guyanese so they gave him the crown. Seriously though, most of our contributors are not Guyanese but we suggest Guyanese shelve Carib and Ship Dutchin out.

Or if Dutchin wants to stay in Guyana send him to Mahaica where the people need some spiritual motivation, his song is fitting and we gon gyrate to big red in Gtown come Thursday.

Dutchin should have done the decent thing and just lay low man. If we had known that he would have taken this thing so far we would have advised him to talk with some people who have been in the same position as him, people who would have believed that they won but ended up second…here are a few.

Robert Corbin
Cheddi would have been good but he gone, (God rest he soul) Janet is still there though
Al Gore could be reached via email, he always responds.
Olive Gopaul
Maliza Walton
Vanslythman who lost the GPSU elections

We did our own investigations and the media should start examining Dutchin’s relationship with Ansa McCall and Ansa McCall’s relationship with Burchmore Simon, Dutchin’s Manager. You know if it were the US the tabloids would make a killing.