Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Safe and Unsafe Internet…Trouble lurks.

For centuries, treaties, doctrines, business reports, familial concerns, etc. have been recorded in physical form, often it was on paper and at even earlier times it was written on papyrus. But with the advent of emails and text-messaging, nearly all communication between people today is left undocumented and quite easily and often destroyed with just a single tap on the "delete" key….But some people are plain smart or just dumb because the delete key never comes into play

The reason we blogged this, is because a very close friend of ours said they intercepted (hacked) some very interesting and unique emails that revealed some so called “affair” that someone was having with someone high in the status quo. Hmm Hmm Hmm!!! Interesting, we at Guyana 360 reflected on the Monica Lewinsky case some years ago which occurred in the US. Our friend did not divulge the information saying that it was too sensitive but then we offered money (don’t laugh at us we are running on a low budget so we offered him 5 grand) and he refused. …We advised him to take his info to the 411 show where he can make 25 grand to 1 million dollar just for the information. Then surprisingly he said no…our friend left smiling saying that when the price is right they'll be back.

We’ll get to the bottom of this, trust us.

The funny thing is, The Internet connects 300 million computer users in a maze of networks and connections. It enables us to have real-time conversations across the globe, to buy cheap CDs, to trade shares from our living rooms and to do many other innovative things. But the Internet can also expose us to the threat of fraud and to an invasion of privacy. Using it can also result in irreparable damage being wreaked upon our computer systems and personal lives.