Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Go Moseley...

We at Guyana360 would like to first congratulate Gordon Moseley of Capitol News for his selection by the United States to the Edward Murrow attachment. Guyana360 wishes him all the best... take a look at what the President of Guyana Pressociation, Julia Johnson had to say about Moseley's achievement.

Julia Johnson:

Dear All,I have been informed by the local US Embassy thatWashington has selected Gordon Moseley of Capitol Newsas Guyana's representative to the Edward Murrowattachment.

You would remember that several colleagues had applied for this prestigious attachment inJanuary. It is tenable in Washington DC area, andwould see the selected person interfacing with otherjournalists from several countries as well as USdecision makers.

As many of you may be aware GPA had, as requested byseveral applicants, issued letters of support for eachcandidate as a nominee for the 3 - weeks attachment,Gordon was among those for whom GPA submitted suchcorrespondence.We are indeed happy that another members of theassociation has been selected for needed attachmentwhich we feel can only benefit the wider fraternity.

Gordon now joins Nicosia Smith of the Stabroek Newswho was selected as Guyana's representative to theColumbia University's Globalisation seminar.Gordon, CONGRATULATIONS. Some of us at GPA remember acouple of years ago, when you were our representativeat the UN General Assembly. We wish you every success.RegardsJulia