Friday, February 17, 2006

Moseley's Media Cub Meeting

Guyana 360 has managed to aquire a correspondence from Moseley who was just awarded a major US government attachment, calling for an urgent meeting. We have learnt that the media cub group also includes some daddies and mammies too and that they intend to teach the cubs a thing or two about hunting in the wild. Good luck guys, we offer our support and encourage everyone in Guy Media to attend the meeting. We will send in a mole to that meeting...Below is the letter that was leaked to us by someone in the media circle.

Dear Friends,


As you should all know, I have been planning the formation of the YOUNG MEDIA PROFESSIONALS OF GUYANA to push for more training for our young media colleagues. Well, my aplogies for not keeping contact but you should all know how busy the past few weeks have been for all of us...anyway i am writing you folks to invite you all to be apart of the organising/steering committee of the YMPG.

I hereby invite you to a meeting on Saturday 18th February at the Capitol News office on Carmichael street at 4pm for us to develop and put together an action plan for the YMPG and begin our quest for media development. We have the full support of the GPA and all the media houses. i thank you and look forward to your response. CONTACT ME PLEASE ON 227 8289, 640 2765 to confirm participation.

Gordon Moseley