Friday, February 24, 2006

Showcasing our Cultural & Political Mix in 2006

2K5 was really a rough year for close to half of Guyana’s population who were forced to suffer under the Mid January floods. On February 23, 2K6 there was an outpouring of hearts and minds as thousands of Guyanese came out to showcase Guyana’s cultural mix in 2006.

The crowd that witnessed the somewhat disappointing float parade was awe-inspiring. After having more than a year to prepare for the event, the floats were miserable. Banks DIH, surprisingly Ansa McCall and Sling Shot and his Pirates must be commended. But while hundreds gyrated, the single most essential happening of the day was missed.

For those who were along the Mash route would remember seeing the largest and most disorganised group of revelers make their way to the National Park. Yes!!! The PNC/R. Opposition Leader, Robert Corbin must be commended for supporting this year’s event although we are preparing for elections. We think that it was a show of gut and yea there was a hidden agenda, Corbin & the PNC/R supports a National event? Be careful he’s looking for the Indian vote.

The PNC/R showcased their Political Mix of emotions…Well it was heartening to see the politicians showcasing the Political Mix of Guyana. Among the revelers were Information Liaison to the President, Robert Persaud oops, lets rephrase that…Among the revelers were information liaison to the President, Robert Persaud, M.B.A, again PNC/R leader Robert Corbin and several executive members of his party. Standing alone, Third Force member, Peter Ramsaroop, revealing his true self, decked in his Pirate outfit, they said he was out stealing votes. Well Politicians have been preaching that Guyanese exercise more tolerance; For goodness sake it is time that the politicians themselves start listening to Guyanese and become more tolerant of each other.

The politicians did well yesterday but fell down in the dance competition as many of them walked with ‘dem’ stiff waist… This politician below certainly knows how to strut his stuff, He came out in the afternoon when the sun was down, smart move…We urge that he opens a dancing school, a tiny wineeeeee wineing school.

GT&T and its stupid cable, We'll have post that pic later.