Friday, February 24, 2006

411 on the Insiders.

Someone name Roop answered our call for info on the people over at Insider 411, they just dissapeared, vanished into thin air...

"The show has moved to a better prime time of 9pm on Channel 13
Also, we are now showing at 8pm in Essequibo. We have had some changes to the show and personnel. Insider 411 is alive and well."


Guyana360: Personnel Changes? You guys surpised us with the addition of heavy weights Duane Fowler and Zaheer Abbass, we are trembling as much as the Govt. Ministers to find out which heavy weight has been added... We will be watching this week, we wonder who will face the heat like Cox did, oh and by the way we forgot to commend you guys on the last show aired...that prostitute story was ok, needed to get to the people that would pay for sex, that woulda been loads of fun...and we saw a dressed to death Melissa Edwards after Media Critic did a number on her. Like de man behind de show now start spending.