Wednesday, November 01, 2006

New Cabinet, Same ole' Behaviour.

The 10 new smiley faces within the Cabinet may be new but the ole' addage states: one good appale spoils the bunch. A good example that this saying still holds true was evident in the recent protest by residents of La Grange over the poor water supply in their area.

Their protest promted a visit from the Minister of Housing and Water- A Minister long spoiled by the bad apple (Ask AFC member Boyo Ramsaroop).

GINA describes the visit:

Residents of La Grange to get adequate water supply
-New well being installed

Minister of Housing and Water Harry Narine Nawbatt today visited several areas on the West Bank of Demerara where he interacted with residents who complained of poor water supply.
Residents of La Grange who have been receiving inadequate water supply will soon get a normal supply as a new well is being constructed in the area.

“We would hope that the entire situation on the West Bank be sorted out long before Christmas,” the Minister said.

Guyana360: The Minister should be ordering GWI to fix the problem before Christmas, not just hoping that it be fixed. Too many hopes in one mind, leads to hopelessness and there are many Guyanese dabbling in dreams. Minister Nawbatt and the Jagdeo Governmnet must know that a reactive government may be good for PR and helping to gain popularity among the masses but a proactive government will always be respected as a force of authority. Castro, Chavez and Bush are all proactive leaders; President Bharrat Jagdeo? Well we need not say much more.