Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What’s buzzing…?

So many questions about what is really buzzing in Guyana. Readers sent in very interesting mails about politics, sports, entertainment and of course crime in anticipation of what we might reveal as buzzing…We hate to disappoint the news-cravings.

E-Buzz is buzzing in Guyana. It is a free entertainment magazine-Guyanese could do with some free merchandise for a change-that presents an entertaining, less bloody and less political side of Guyana.

It is exactly what the doctor ordered with Cricket World Cup 2007 on the horizon (hopefully the sun rises on December 31 and Guyana is given the green light by the ICC to host CWC matches).

Under the stewardship of Mondale Smith as Editor-in-Chief, the magazine in its first few issues has produced some stunning work.

It also brings to the fore, sharp, yet humorous stories. Take for instance; one front page story featured Cricket enthusiast and sports writer Sean Devers who said that he wanted to be God for a day. Intriguing start...

While we love the general idea of the new feel good E-Buzz publication, we must say how disappointed we were in the first issue that had quite a few errors, including an article with text so small that it gave new meaning to the phrase, an eye-popping story.

First impression always counts and the newspaper failed miserably.

Eric Phillips and Leslie Bonnar will obviously provide some stability to the publication and they will have to also provide a balancing act to the ever unstable Mondale Smith, who just loves hopping from TV to print, media house to media house.

He started the Extra newspaper, another publication that seeks to highlight a better side of Guyana, but he left before his days in the sun by the car park selling Extra could pay off.

The print quality of E-Buzz is also debatable.

It looks cheap and stiff and lacks that whole feel good nature to the pages.

However, E-Buzz has good strong content and no one could deny the team E-Bragging rights.