Sunday, December 31, 2006


Almost a year sine we at Guyana 360 entered the blogging spectrum and it seems as if it is yesterday. We have seen and heard a lot about Guyana and undoubtedly many of our readers still question the minds and hands behind it all.

And yes some of our critics have axed innocent Guyanese like our dormant friends over at the Demerara Light House who recently ridiculed a local journalist for running this blog and for associating with Freedom House.

For our readers, this blog is owned and controlled by three foreigners based in Guyana or islanders as Guyanese would say. We are backed by a team of contributors, who give of their time and energy which we appreciate.

During 2007, we intend to seek out more contributors and expand our base to other Caribbean nations. We have had some high points during last year, but similarly we have been stung by our share of bugbears.

Recently our business travels have taken us to various parts of the Caribbean and over the coming weeks, we intend to share our photographic experiences.

Running a blog is nothing easy, less of course you are Imran Khan (‘im Khan run nuff blogs), who runs multiple blogs and is one of the best local bloggers, probably second only to Guyana gal.

Happy 2007 to all...